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Venue: Halifax Golf Club

Date: Sunday 28th July 2019


Click here for a downloadable and printable file of the rules


Each Member Club may enter one team of 3 Players.
Entry is subject the requirements as set out in Rule 8 of the Rules and regulations relating to
competitions and matches;

  1. Team Championships & Union Four Ball Championship
    • Clubs must submit the names and handicaps of the players in their teams to
      the Competition Secretary no later than 12 noon on the Monday July 22
      nd 2019 prior to the weekend on which the Championship is due to take place.
    • Player’s names must be in the same format as that in which they are held on the
      computerised handicapping system at their Home Club
    • If a club fails to submit details by the prescribed time, its team(s) will not be permitted
      to take part in the Championship to which that failure relates.
    • Starting Sheets for each Championship will be emailed to clubs and also posted on the
      Union’s Web Site on the Tuesday prior to the weekend on which the Championship is due
      to take place
    • For the purposes of creating Starting Sheets for Team Championships, players from each
      team, with minor exceptions, will be placed in consecutive games in ascending handicap

Competition Format - Stroke play over 36 holes

The team that returns the lowest aggregate gross score will hold the ‘Founders Trophy’ for a year.
The Team that returns the lowest aggregate NET score (maximum of 12 Hcp allowed) will hold the
Scratch Team Championship Net trophy for a year.

Vouchers will be given to each member of the teams that return the two lowest aggregate gross
scores, and each member of the team who returns the lowest aggregate net score, the Player who
returns the lowest individual gross score for round 1 and the player who returns the lowest
individual gross score for round 2,

Competitors are respectfully reminded to comply with the host clubs dress code. Prize winners are
expected to wear a jacket and tie for the presentation. The presentation will take place immediately
after the competition in the clubhouse.

Prizes will be withheld from clubs or individuals who do not attend or send a
representative to the presentation.

Please forward your team names and handicaps to arrive no later than
NOON on Monday July 22nd 2019 to: -

hhdugccomps@yahoo.com or roy.lofts@btinternet.com


Roy Lofts, HHDUGC Competition secretary,
15 Goldfields Close, Greetland,
Halifax, HX4 8LD
Telephone Home 01422 373708 or Mobile 07791 170535

Please note entries received after the deadline will not be entered
into the draw, but put on a reserve list in case of cancellations.