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After Leeds this again was going to be a tough match. Team Stroke play champions from last season and with a number of Yorkshire squad boys in their ranks.


“This was the one, the one we needed to focus on. We don’t wish to need a win at Harrogate next Sunday.” Let’s do it today.

Boys focused knowing what’s in front of them.


Another beautiful day on a fantastic looking golf course, sandwiches devoured, onto the putting green and into the practice net, Greaves round all the pairings, they know the drill. Regular pairings, standard order. Edwards and Mowl, Crabtree and Pearson, Turner and Eccles (Isaac’s first game), Caton and Walker, Shaw Radford and Hanson, Nicholson and Motala.


Sun cream applied, water distributed, cereal bars for later. ‘Have you got any more I’ve eaten those. I’m hungry’

All players announced on the tee to create suspense and excitement.


Greaves indicates line; shows team where the flag is (first is a 323yd par4). Oliver has decided to have a go. Apparently it nibbled Isaac’s heels as it rolled to 12 feet! 2 putts for a win, duly taken.


Hornsea is well spaced out difficult to keep up with all the matches. Greaves stays with the last match to give them idea of lines, when he leaves them at 3rd hole, Edwards and Mowl and their opponents are just finishing 9th, 2up soon becomes 3up and 4up. It’s a procession for these 2. Eventually running out and 6 and 5 winners.


Harry informs Greaves we’ve only ever lost 3 games together, only 1 in the YIDU league.

Philip Woodcock (Yorkshire Boys Manager). “How’ve you played,” “Oh very good,” “are you free to play for Yorkshire against Lancashire on 30th July?”


Go on lads, Greaves thinks it’s about time!


Seb and Tom struggle in game 2, “foursomes not their thing I feel” losing 4 and 3.


By this time Max and Adam in game 6 were 5 down and struggling with their irons. Need to concentrate on games 2 to 5. Lewis and Isaac always up, Oliver and Ben never losing their lead from the first and Dylan and George. All are 2 or 3 up. “I’ll watch them one by one.”

A 40 foot birdie putt at 17 keeps Tom Duck and Theo Blake in the match with Isaac and Lewis, just hold on, make your opponents win the hole. Lewis’ drive bounces left and again and again. Behind tree, second short of green, Lewis leaves Isaac 10 feet short, missed. 2 putts from opponent, they win the hole, match halved. “Mmmm.” Considers Greaves.


To the 17th Ben and Oliver are just shaking hands, Dylan and George 2 up with 2 to play. George murmurs as his tee shot is in flight, pitches over front bunker runs up green to 15 feet. “What’s wrong” Greaves asks “I didn’t like it” replies George. “Don’t think you’ll lose the hole from there. It’s a fantastic shot.” Hole halved in three’s, game won.


A 7 – 5 lead at lunchtime. Another gripping afternoon to come.


Greaves goes to first tee to see Harry go out and remains to cajole, chunter and encourage the players. Checks supplies, sees 8 tee off and ensures the last 3 have been chatted to.


After lunch meets Edwards on 13th tee, 1 down. Last match is on the 4th. “If I stay with James and he turns his game around, I’ll get message back. James sets tone for rest of team” decides Greaves. I’ll stick with him.

Check on some scores. Harry 1 down, Isaac 3 down, Ben 1 down. Lewis 2 up, he birdies every hole. “It’s going okay at the back” assures Turner. “It’s close again.” They agree.


James wins 13 and 14. Jack’s error at 13, James drive 337 yards up the 14th. 1 up. At 15th James has to hole a 30 footer for a par and to halve hole, never looked like missing! Escape 1

A poor bounce at 16 leaves James’ second behind a tree, can’t save par. All square. 17th halved in par 3’s. Big drive down last, duffed chip, Jack 6 feet away for birdie. Greaves thinks we’ve lost this. James approach putt 3 feet past hole, his gesture is of I’ve lost this’. To James and Greaves surprise Jack misses, ‘be calm, steady hands.’ In it goes. Escape 2. Game halved.


Greaves need to get back to field, begins to run... but not far! 16th green. Harry “I’ve messed this up” “this hole or the game” “this hole” Harry 1 down now, loses 17th and game.


Isaac mutters “this will be the greatest escape” having missed another green to the right but chips to 5 feet. Tom Duck, in the bunker, poor shot. Isaac wins the hole to go 1up. “I was 4 down. Must have got up and down 8 or 9 times” Tom is chuntering “how did I lose this game”

Isaac misses green to right, Jack in bunker. Isaac chips to 6 feet, Tom leaves it in bunker. Game won.


By now Oliver has lost and as we travel down the 16th fairway, Lewis is beaming, he’s won. “Birdied this one as well” he declares, “I’m off to help Seb.” Dylan has won. What a fantastic weekend for him having shot a 70 gross at Huddersfield the day before and reduced his handicap from 7 to 5.


George is 4 down with 4 to go. Tom has won. Fill score sheet in. 16 points, 4 games on course. Ben 1 down with 3 to go, Seb all square, Max 1 down. Let’s get to Adam and concentrate on him. Greaves gets to 12th green to see him win hole to go 1 up. “Don’t know how I won that” he declares. A scrappy 13th hole but a fine up and down sees him win another. 2up. By now his mum and dad are watching

“No need to ask how the match is Adam... you’ll know that as we’ve turned up!” states Greaves.

 A good drive, second runs through back, George struggled up the hole but is 5 feet away for four. Same again Adam “up and down” thinks Greaves. Runs a bit past.


By now news has arrived that Seb has won his match. Adam has a putt to go 3 up, he can’t lose and we’ll have 19 points. Adam’s hits a good putt but it misses low. Another chance if George can’t hole his putt but he does. “Gutsy” thinks Greaves.


Ben Walker has won the last and halved his game, 19 points we’ve won, we’ve won! Some singing breaks out led by the Captain.


Adam plays the 16th par five well and rolls his 5 foot putt into the middle to win his game 3 and 2.

Players now in suits and on buggies descend on Max, playing the last all square. Max putts first for his par. In it goes. Max scrapped to halve his game but showed the required resolve.


A score line of 22 - 14 underestimates that this was a victory of skill, heart and determination.


As Philip Woodcock said “I thought we had you near the end but my boys just fell short”


One more match, dare to dream...



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