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HHDUGC juniors recorded their 5th win on a day of fantastic comebacks, dramatic collapses,  a hole in one, birdies galour and it came down to the 11th match in the singles.

We knew this was going to a tough match, Leeds although they’d lost 2 were by handicap the toughest team we’d faced, Stated Greaves. Cumulatively we had a 1 stroke advantage across 12 players.


Off we go: Captain Fantastic leading the charge with his erstwhile sidekick “Super Mowl” looking confident and soon leading, never letting it go against Jeevhan Singh and James Trant.  Ben Walker and Oliver Caton soon down, 2 after 8, win 9, 10 and 11. Greaves sees Oliver roll another birdie putt in at 12, thinking they’d won only to find out their opponents had chipped in for a 2. I up. By the time they got to 16 it’s all square as was Dylan Shaw Radford / George Hanson by this time. They’d been 4 up after 4, 1 down after 9.Scrappy halves at 10 and 11 leave it that way. By this time the Seb Crabtree and James Bailey pairing are in the clubhouse getting out of the searing heat. Better things to come in the afternoon Greaves is offered. It’ll be required. Nicholson and Motala 4 up midway through the round. Concentrate on Oliver and Ben and Dylan and George. We need a positive result from their games.

Edgy stuff, pars secured at 16. Both birdie putts never quite. To 17 Billy Snowden front left, Oliver 30 feet long. Ben 4 feet short Nathan nearly holes it. Cool Oliver straight in the middle. Leeds first off 18, low and left Richard Hanson “that’s gone... definitely” of course he means out of bounds. Ben smashes one down the perfect line. Provisional for Leeds, follows their first. Lucky escape. Game won 1 up.

Dylan and George all square after 16. Leeds middle of green at 17th 30 feet. Greaves gives guidance to Dylan “don’t be short; it’ll stall in the wind” Dylan changes club, George back right. Chips too long. Ooh no! Leeds go long way past with first putt. Hole halved in 4’s. George cracks one down left side of fairway, perfect. Leeds drive, looks left. “That’s gone” suggests Richard Hanson. Lady golfer on the adjoining 11th fairway confirms his thought. Another 1 up victory.


Believing that Dylan and George and their opponents were the last foursomes on the course and 8 – 4 had been secured goes up the 1st to pass news to James Edwards. He’s contemplating a 52 or a 58 for the 170 yards he has left to first green.


Lewis Eccles and Dominic Hughes had lost 3 and 1 to Adam Gunn and Harry Hunter Mapp, never ahead, 2 down early on and when they won a hole they more than likely lost the next. No better example than at 9 where Dominic hitting first, left it 20 feet to the left of a tricky front right pin position only to be outshone by Adam Gunn’s hole in one. Back to 3 down. Lewis and Dom finally losing 3 and 1.


Greaves basking in the knowledge of a slight lead after the foursomes is stunned by the rumour soon confirmed that the last pair lost the last 6 holes to lose 1 down.

Not 8 – 4, 6 apiece.

“I was frustrated with myself, I should have seen it through” thought Greaves. Someone suggesting he can’t be at every game. No consolation, those lads may have needed some encouragement


Real match now.


Edwards racing round, brolly up. I’ll soon be in (5 down after 10) birdies 11, 13, 14 and 15. 1 down on 16, halves next 2. James has a small chance at last but his birdie putt slides by. Nathan knocks his in. Lewis Eccles HAS 3 birdies in first four holes to be 3 up and continues his good form birdieing 13 and 14 to win 6 and 5. Oliver Caton birdies 12, Ben Walker birdies 9. Seb Crabtree 2 up after 4 and determined to put the morning behind him walks across 11th fairway declaring his 4 and 2 victory. Many by this time are watching Harry Mowl on 18th. He’s been 1 up with 3 to play. Good halves at 16 and 17. Drive down the last slightly right on the tree line, opponent 15 feet away in 2. Need skill and clear thought. Connection, clip of tree, fly is the cry. Front bunker. “Come on Harry” Greaves wills him on. Harry goes through routine. Fantastic bunker shot, 5 feet. James leaves his birdie putt short. Please knock it in Harry. Harry duly obliges, applause. Victory.


Oliver Caton 2 up with 2 to play loses 17.Jeevhan hits super drive down 18, Oliver goes right onto 11th fairway. Jeevhan into middle of 18th, 20 feet away. Oliver duly follows but 30 feet short. 2 putts for another win thinks Greaves. Oliver leaves it 6 feet short. Jeevhan doesn’t hole. Please don’t miss. Coolness personified. Straight in the middle. More applause.

Ben Walker states he lost, Greaves stunned. Walker joking pushing Greaves’ buttons!


Get score sheet out, 7 games played. 6 wins. We’ve got 18 points. 1 more point. 5 games on the course. Edwards and Greaves set off. Were any of the lads ahead?

Leeds President offers his congratulations, I don’t think we’ve done it yet confirms Greaves One by one the news filters through, behind, behind, behind... Greaves and Edwards descend on Adam at the 12th green 1 up. Dylan loses, James Bailey loses, Dominic struggling, Max loses.

Adam halves 13 and 14, looks in control. He’s cool. Still wearing his woollen slipover because his shirt is too big! (the car states its 27 degrees) Down to 15th green. Adam in the trees on the left for 2, has 6 footer for par and a half. Doesn’t go in.

Just hold on Adam thinks Greaves. Two great drives. Bailey has a 25 foot putt for birdie, knocks it 7 feet past. Adam has 6 feet for birdie, dribbles wide. Bailey. Great putt, straight into middle. Still all square. To the short 17th

Bailey safely onto green. Adam’s looks good, soft bounce. Fantastic to 8 feet.


By now 10 exec, 20 players, parents and other watchers have descended on to the bank above the 17th green. Adam asks Greaves how has everyone done, Greaves replies it’s close!


Bailey’s putt is conceded. Practice stroke is smooth, do it again. He does. Straight in.

Cheers and applause abound. Delight. Smiles. Celebration... Relax

19 points


What a day. Bailey makes a super up and down at the last to secure a par to win the hole and halve his match.


5 in a row. On the brink...



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