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HHDUGC overcame Bradford at what at first appears a convincing victory at Dewsbury District on Sunday. As the temperatures rose and skin burnt the golf was exciting.


Greaves drafted in to play following a late withdrawal decided to go last in the morning foursomes and first in the afternoon. “I felt that was the right thing to do. Once you’re out there you can’t see the games unfold or communicate.” This was my way of maximising the time I would have. Graham McLean, Team Captain was out and about on the course, a role reversal.


Boys primed off we go, Hunt and Morton, Schnacke and Calvert, Minto and McAspurn, Crowther and Colcombe, Mowl and Turner and Birkett and Greaves.


Playing the 5th all I heard was a barrage of expletives as Aaron Schnacke smashes another way left, when asked if it was in trouble a curt reply was received. Game 4 down, Morton and Hunt AS, only Minto and McAspurn provided respite from what appeared to be a Bradford onslaught. Birkett and Greaves slide from 2 up to 1 down between the 5th and 14th.


Greaves checks on Turner and Mowl 3 down, Crowther and Colcombe 3 down. News comes in we’ve won the first three foursomes. Greaves has no idea how that occurred! Schnacke and Calvert birdie the par 3 last to win 1 up. Morton and Hunt had edged ahead at the 14th and held on to win 2 and 1. Even Colcombe and Crowther got to the last and had a chance to halve their match. Minto and McAspurn held on to their 2 hole lead established early on to win 2 and 1. At least we’d have 6 points before the singles. A fighting chance feels Greaves.

A word of encouragement or threat to the youngsters before lunch as Greaves waits for his opponents to drive at 17, nothing appears. Once located and hacked a couple of times hole conceded. Greaves playing 18th all square, tees off 7 feet away. At least we won’t lose the hole he thinks. Opponents don’t make par, hole won, Birkett and Greaves win 1up and the match stands at 8 – 4 to HHDUGC.


Change of socks, more water, packet of Jaffa cakes Greaves sets off again, 1 down soon becomes 2 down after 4. Morton, Hunt and Schnacke all ahead. No idea how their games are going. Tom Calvert 4 up after 8 is all I knew.  McAspurn loses 2 and 1 to Mark Cook, I was 4 under he exclaims. Hats off to his opponent. Round to the 16th tee. Morton and Hunt have won Schnacke lost but smiling, Calvert also there having won 6 and 5. Greaves 2 up, loses 15 to a birdie, 16th halved, loses 17 as ball lands short of green and bounds through back. 18th tee, all square. He thinks I’m too old for this lark. Jack Hall stuffs it 5 feet, Greaves 30 feet away just off green, on its way in it goes. Hunt immediately onto social media. Jack Hall rolls his 5 footer in. Match halved.

Greaves back to 16th tee, Colcombe going down 17 1 up against Terry Brushwood. Up 15th fairway to Mowl on 14th green, he loses hole to go all square, Turner loses 3rd hole in a row and is now only 1 up. Mark Birkett 3up.

HHDUGC need 2 wins from 6 games on course. News filters through that Colcombe has won and Graham McLean reports that he was 7 under to win by 2 up.

1 win required, Mark Birkett seals victory with a 4 and 2 victory. Harry Mowl wins 16 and holds onto his advantage to beat the resilient Andy “buzz” Busfield.

Isaac gets an unlikely half at 15 and wins 16 to have a 2 hole advantage and duly wins 2 and 1.


HHDUGC win match 23 - 13. 4th in table and go to table toppers East Riding on 8th July.

A season defining match.


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