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“A fantastic team performance, everyone played their part” beamed Greaves. “A win at East Riding, especially when they were top of the table” Let’s hope Leeds beat Sheffield and then you never know.

“It what was always going to be a close encounter when the team need to play their best but also think their best.”  And who should get the 19th point but Macca who suggested  “he’d dragged his opponent Lewis Nicholls down to his level.”

It didn’t matter we’d won!

On another sweltering day with little wind and the odd welcome cloud Josh Morton and Tom Hunt against Yorkshire capped Luke Robinson and Matty Raybould, Jamie Smith and Mark Birkett, Scott Minto and Josh McAspurn, Colcs and Macca, smooth swinging Tom Calvert and Isaac Turner and the 2 juniors James Edwards and Harry Mowl.

Smashed drives in various directions down the par 5 first with differing results, birdies for most, eagle for McAspurn and Minto, early wins saw all of the teams ahead. Out onto the course. I kept in touch with most games and at one point we were up in all 6 or so I thought. It wasn’t until the 16th green that I saw Scott and Josh and realised I hadn’t spoken to them since the first! They were all square. Could it be 12 – 0.

By this time Tom Calvert and Isaac Turner had finished with a 5 and 4 victory over debutant Sam Middleton and Lewis Nicholls and hadn’t put a foot wrong from what was seen. Josh Morton and Tom Hunt 3 up after 4, 1 up on 12th tee. Plenty of birdies in a high quality game and 1 up with 2 to go, all square on the last, drive near a tree, small gap, catches tree. Matty Raybould just runs over back, a glimmer. Tom Hunt to 20 feet, Luke Robinson poor chip 9 feet past. Morton misses, Raybould to the middle for a par and the win. Both gutted they’d lost the last 2.

Greaves turns round to see group 2 playing all playing a ball to the 18th, ‘as we were 2up with 2 to play we must have won.’

Pars at 16th and a fighting match play par at 17 saw Josh and Scott all square with 1 to go. Allan Wright (195th cap), hits a nice drive down centre right. Up steps Josh into orbit, absolutely miles thinks Greaves. Must be near the green 445 yards away!

The result another halved match.

Colcs and Macca had been going off the tee first, for a long time always muttering, gesturing, posturing. On the 12th tee Graham goes right onto 14th fairway, should be okay. It wasn’t it had run out of bounds across the fairway. Lost hole and they lost the next as their rhythm was disrupted they couldn’t get that back and lost 2 and 1. To Harry and James, 3 up after 9, James telling Harry how he could have done something better. Eat up the holes with pars and win 2 and 1.

7 – 5 at lunchtime, game on.

This will be close. Greaves has fiddled with the order. This may go down to James at number 12, certainly the last 2.

All singles on the course, Greaves and Turner go for lunch.

Morton is seen on 12th green from clubhouse window, time to be back on the course. To the buggy!

Mowl all square on 6th tee, as his opponent made birdie at 5. Macca teeing off first at the 7th, Mark Birkett smiling going down 9, Isaac not so, Josh McAspurn 5 up after 10. To Morton on 17th.

“ No need to watch this match” he states. “Have you won?” Greaves asks; the smile gives it away. “I’m good you know!”

Around to the 13th green. Smith lost, Hunt won. Calvert 3 down after 9 in a scrap.

McAspurn makes a super par saving putt at 13th to remain 5 up. Isaac’s opponent holes 5 footer to remain 4 up at the 12th. To Mark on 12th fairway. He always wants to know how it’s going. “Down to the last four games” Greaves states “after 8 singles it’s likely to be 4 each.” I’m 3up.

Howard from East Riding has a sheet showing James and Graham were ahead after 9.If it stays the way it is we’ll win!

Off to Tom Calvert, now 1 down can he squeeze a half. Just short with his 2nd at last, Andy Lockwood off the green to the left. Tom chips to 9 feet but Andy chips stone dead. Tom can’t win. He hasn’t enjoyed his experience!

Mowl and Andy Woodhead birdie the 12th and 13th to be all square. We’ve birdied 3 of the last 5 offers the President of East Riding. What look like good tee shots at dog leg 14th run into the trees, Harry blocked out slightly, Andy not so. A bogey follows, a 3 putt at the 15th means Harry is 2 down, another birdie at 16th to 1 down but another drive out to the right at 17th seals his fate. Disappointment clear to see.

Back to the 14th green, Isaac lost, Josh McAspurn won. Colcs going first off 15th, scrapping. A shocker... provisional required. Matthew loses hole and game. At this point Mark Birkett is walking up the left side of 15, win completed.

Let’s catch up with Scott playing the experienced Allan Wright; no need Scott has played really well to win at the 17th. A fabulous victory for Scott, a warm handshake given by Greaves. Macca is looking down the left at 15. Greaves thinking ‘Oh Graham what have you done (he’d complained he was pulling his tee shots). ’ A few minutes a later he’s treading a similar path to Mark. “It wasn’t my ball” as he meets Greaves. “well done old man, you’ve got our 19th point”

Last match to bring in, James goes 1 down after a bogey from the trees at the dog leg 14th. His opponent hits a poor drive at the 15th, James hits his long and straight, a par follows. A poor tee shot to the front right bunker at 16 allows Dan Digby an opportunity. James bunker shot nearly goes in but runs 5 feet past, Dan leaves his putt short. James holes, Dan misses. A fantastic sand save. 1 up. Huge drive up the middle, Dan in rough on left and then left of green chips to 4 feet. James plays a fantastic 2nd to have 12 feet for birdie. Not made. Dan to stay in game. Missed the one at 16th to right, does so again. James wins hole and game.

Played 4 won 3, should keep us in top 3. Another good day along our road.

The only fly in the ointment, its pie for tea!?

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