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At 6.40pm The President and Team Manager are again as Alex Ferguson would call it preparing for “squeaky bum time.”

Three singles matches on the course, HHDUGC needing to win them all. Up in 2 all square in one. Can we control our nerves, swing well and hit the ball straight and true and grab a 19 -17 victory.

On a beautiful summers day on a beautiful looking golf course and in fantastic condition (according to the players) with a picture postcard par 3 ninth, Oakdale was the setting. Greaves challenging an old adversary in Kevin Ward. Teams selected, bacon sandwiches devoured. Let’s go.

Tom Hunt and Josh Morton lead us off with a combined age less than Phil Kitching one of their opponents but his experience and partner Marc Rice put the kids in their place winning 3 and 1. Bradley Hall pairing Chris Lander and Andy Hare struggling for consistency also lose at the 17th. After a long wait the next game appears. Adam Robinson partnered by new Huddersfield club Champion Tom Calvert also lose at the 17th. By this time Matthew Colcombe and Stuart Atkinson have been drubbed 5 and 4 losing 8 holes in a row. The pair struggling to find the fairway on the tree lined fast running course. This isn’t going to plan! However the Meltham pairing of Graham McLean and Josh McAspurn winning 2 and 1 and the Dewsbury District pairing of Ben Crowther and Fergus Barron winning easily 6 and 5 give HHDUGC an opportunity in the singles.

Josh Morton sets off in pursuit of another singles win and hoping to set the tone for those following and the team recording back to back victories. By the time I find Josh on the course he’s won, Matthew Colcombe has just lost the 11th and 12th to an eagle birdie flourish from his opponent and then concedes the 14th.  Next I know he’s won his match 2 and 1and can only assume his golf when I wasn’t watching was of top drawer quality. Both Chris Lander and Andy Hare struggled, Chris mainly on the greens losing 5 and 3 and Andy with his confidence being 2 up with 5 to play and losing four holes to go down 2 and 1. Tom Hunt had opportunities to be closer to the evergreen Chris Henderson but lost 2 and 1. Even though we’d lost three games the match was still in the balance.

Stuart Atkinson always 1 up, all square or 1 down to his opponent Steve Whitwham won the 17th to go all square and pars at the last gave each side another point. Tom Calvert held his nerve at 17 to hole a 4 footer and remain all square. He then drove down 1st fairway at the last seemingly blocked out by the trees, however he managed to get the ball on the green and a surprising 3 putt from his opponent gave him a victory. Graham McLean and Josh McAspurn walked down 17th together, Graham still, in his game but Josh having won 3 and 2. Greaves added “Josh seems content in this company and believes in himself, 2 games this year and unbeaten. He’ll be going to Huddersfield!”

Macca now all square on the last tee having been in the lead for most of the day hits a shot no one expected, provisional required. Eventually losing the hole and the game 1 down. Harrogate now have 17 points. Adam Robinson wins the 17th to go 1 up (game10), Fergus holds onto his lead at 16 with a 20 footer from of the green (2 up: game 11) but loses the 17th, Ben loses 15 to be pegged back to 1 up (game 12). It’s 6.40pm...

Adam follows Graham and a provisional is required, lost hole and game all square, Harrogate have 18 points and can’t lose. Fergus and Jack hit good drives down the last; Fergus second goes into fringe at back, his opponent on the green. A big roar goes up and Fergus chips in and secures another singles victory, 18 – 16. By this time Ben has lost the 16th and then having been informed “we can’t win but we haven’t lost” by Greaves loses the 17th. Harrogate secure the 1 point they need but Ben is determined not to lose his game. A super drive down the last followed by a good approach, Ian Backhouse concedes, game halved, match result 19 -17.

In his post match interview Greaves was reflective “we’ve certainly got a bit more fight about us and haven’t lost a singles series yet, but being a plucky loser isn’t a phrase I was brought up with.”

Fergus Barron now has a 4 point lead over Matthew Colcombe in the Tom Wild sponsored Order of Merit. With thanks to our sponsors Stromberg Menswear and Glenbrae Knitwear.




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