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It started again ‘squeaky bum time’ but it occurred a lot earlier this time. Scott Minto holes a par saving putt at 17 to ensure he holds a 1up lead going down the last and secures HHDUGC 19th point.


On a glorious day with temperature over 20 degrees on a well prepared golf course, no rain and some Shinnecock Hills type pin positions the two heirs apparent from 2017 commence. The 385 yard first made a mockery off with booming drives in all foursomes. Probably the best 12 drives I’ve seen in any match commented Greaves


Hunt and Morton restored to first pairing against former Yorkshire Champion Adam Frontal and home from his US scholarship Dan Bradbury. A game of nip and tuck 1 down to 1 up. Came down to the last three, a birdie for the home boys at 16, 1 up followed by a bogey, all square. Both in the green at 18, HHDUGC closer: Frontal from 23 feet looks like it’s missed but drops in. Hunt for halve, not to be. Game lost. The next two games were always in Leeds favour, Tom Calvert and Aaron Schnacke losing 3 and 2 and looking out of sorts. Jamie Smith and Sam Bridges lose by the same score. Jamie and Sam surprised they’d lost the game. Greaves thinks they should be okay for this afternoon.

Scott Minto and Josh McAspurn wished to be paired together and so it proved a good choice 5 up early on and cruised to 4 and 3 win. Edwards and Mowl (debut) full of confidence and hay fever, 3 up after 5 lose that lead only to retrieve it again and win 3 and 2. This doesn’t surprise me these two are fun to watch always something going on states Greaves. Lastly Dan Moville (debut) and Isaac Turner never seemed to get going, a couple of mistakes against the experienced Rae and Cain who never give anything away hanging on but eventually losing 2 and 1.

HHDUGC losing 8 – 4 after the foursomes. Greaves knows this will go to the end, plan set players prepared. Frustrated Hunt at 9 and Bridges at 12, job to do.

Morton sets off; he’s remembered he wasn’t doing something correctly. Nobody else knew what it was but he’s happy, chatty and smiling and once again he’s playing the last. He’s one up this time. Adam can’t match his morning putt and the hole is halved, Win to HHDUGC. Aaron in game 2 playing as we know he can, “I keep giving him holes” Greaves thinks he must be behind, stunned at the suggestion he replies “I’m 1 up you cheeky *******” Aaron birdies 14 from 15 feet, 15 from 5 feet and pars 16 and 17 to win 2 and 1. His opponent stating he’s surprised he got that far. Praise indeed.

Jamie Smith in game 5 is 5 up after 5 holes having birdied the first 2 but is pegged back to 2 up after 12 but wins 3 and 2. By this time Josh McAspurn is up against it playing Tom North 4 down early on and this is too bigger gap to haul back, loses. Tom Calvert has found some consistency from golf that Greaves politely summed up as “interesting.” Following a birdie at 9 to be all square he was soon three up and held on. Why did I ever think he’d struggle? James Edwards told me he’d win and that’s what he did. By now Isaac had lost heavily to the experienced Barry Hardcastle. His first singles loss, the dejection plain to see. Seven results in, HHDUGC won 5, match score 14 – 12. Game on. Bridges 4 up on 13th tee with some strong golf and an audacious chip in at the 8th from near the out of bounds fence for a 3 after a penalty drop. He wasn’t the first HHDUGC player to achieve this feat, Scott Minto doing it some 30 minutes earlier.

Harry Mowl lost to Rob Wardle but by now Tom Hunt had won his match.  Match score 16 – 14 Nigel McKee concedes that Sam will win his game. We’ve got 18! Scott Minto 1 up in the middle of the 15th fairway stood behind his provisional, his opponent needs to chip out from the trees on the right. Unfortunately young Ryan Beach has “a meltdown” described Greaves. Scott wins 16, 2 up, at the next he goes long but is closer his opponent two putts for a par, Scott goes 6 feet long “oh no!” thinks Greaves.   Scott takes a stride after he’s hit is putt to pick it out of the hole. 1 up, 1 to go. 19 points.

 “It didn’t register that we’d won, I was still feeling we needed to win the last 2 games.”

All the team walk up the 18th.

Danny lost the 16th to go all square and a sensational tee shot at 17th ensured his opponent would play the last 1 up. A birdie at the last by Danny not good enough and he loses 1 down.  Danny had been up in his game since hole 2 and lost, the cruelty of match play golf. Hopefully he enjoyed the experience and will return.

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