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This was a game I had my eye on all season, “not to win specifically but to find out where we were in relation to Sheffield.”

League Champions for the 7th time out of the last 8, including this year having won 6 from 6, second when they didn’t win it. This as requested would be the test!

 Rumoured to be bringing ‘fringe’ players Greaves thanked his opposite number Neil Stones for not doing so, several Yorkshire players and one England International, Bailey Gill.


The lads knew what was ahead of them, prepared as they always are, ready to do their bit knowing that there 11 teammates are doing the same.


It was tense from 5.05; squeaky bum time had come early. Neil Stones commented “I hope the tail does something it’s not looking good for us.”


Once again it was the last match, last green and last putt...


As normal Hunt and Morton lead the foursomes, Matthew Colcombe and Match Play finalist Steve Martin as his partner 2nd followed by Richard Broadley and Tom Calvert, Graham McLean and Josh McAspurn, Chris Lander and Scott Minto (Match play finalist and debutant) and lastly Ben Crowther and Dan Hartley.


Hunt and Morton unfazed by their opponents +3 handicappers Nick Poppleton and Matt Evans, toing and froing some superb golf and an experienced intervention by Greaves at 11 which lead to a par and a hole won to go all square. This soon became 1 up when their opponents realised they weren’t playing with the ball they started with unable to establish which hole it occurred, gave Hunt and Morton a hole. They lost 12, won 13, lost 16 and 17 to be 1 down, and then with a fine par at the last halved their match.

This one of 10 matches out of 18 through the day to go the last!


Colcombe and the imperious Steve Martin in control of their game from the start suppressed a revival in the middle of their match to win 2 and 1. Broadley and Calvert never seemed to find the consistency required always seeming to be behind and lost 3 and 2. Josh McAspurn and Graham now an established pairing were 2 up with but then got a run of losing holes and no matter what or how you try it’s hard to stop especially against +1 handicappers Tim Brind and Sam Rook eventually losing 2 and 1. Chris Lander and Scott walking with smiles on their faces, making less errors than their opponents coupled with some super putting when required go 2 up at 16 with a birdie and win 2 and 1. Last game Ben and Dan, 1 up after 11 are 1 down at 17 a drive into the trees by their opponents, match all square. Perhaps a little indecision with a chip and run to a pin on top of a crest at the 18th which is left short results in a bogey 5 and a loss to a par, game lost 1 down. Foursomes 7 – 5 to Sheffield.


Now this a challenge, Sheffield normally better on their own ball leading after the foursomes, begin their singles with players handicaps +3,+4,+3,+2. However, HHDUGC have only lost 1 singles series all year, could they beat Sheffield in the singles, halve or win the match?


Morton leads us of, what  a match reportedly both are several under, Morton wins 8 with a 45 birdie putt, having both birdied 7, now 1 up, some losses on the way but Josh remains 1 up after 17. By this time Matthew has not had a good day, too many putts shaving the hole whether birdie or par and against Bailey Gill the result was a 6 and 5 loss. Richard Broadley birdies 7 and wins 8 to go 1 up; Steve Martin holes a birdie putt at 8 to go 3 up, Tom Hunt 3 up after 7. The front 5 have to do well feels Greaves, excitement building, let’s get the message out “that it’s on.” To use Josh McAspurn’s phrase. The President and Greaves bouncing round in a buggy spreading the news.


Josh Morton 1 up coming up the last pin high for 2 (Greaves wishing for a 2 putt), its look good but catches the slope below the hole and finishes 10 feet away. Josh loses the hole buts halves his game. Steve Martin pegged back by the 13th to be just 1 up asserts control and wins at the 16th. Richard Broadley all square going down 17 halved in pars, 1 to play, Richard above the 18th hole for 2 ‘be careful’ watches Greaves, it slides 3 feet past. “He’ll be okay” but it’s difficult to watch, in it goes Richard records a 1up victory, until his opponent thinks he was 1 up going down the 17. Team Managers leave them to sort it out. At one point I offered my toes for counting said Greaves. After 5 minutes confirmed as HHDUGC win. Tom Hunt 2 up with 2 to play, pars 17 and wins his game.

By this time Scott Minto had been edged out by the consistent Tim Brind 3 and 2. Match score at this point 12 – 12 to Sheffield. To the buggy...


Down the 12th fairway and up to 13th green to see Ben Crowther hole birdie putt to go 1 down. To Chris Lander ahead, 1 down, Dan Hartley 1 up, Graham McLean 1 up, Josh McAspurn 1up. Let’s hope Tom Calvert has got something out of his game? Tom Calvert 1 down with 2 to play can’t sneak it back against Jamie Harrison (played for Yorkshire on the Saturday) loses 1 down.

To the 16th green / 17th tee. Chris Lander wins 16 to go all square, Graham McLean 1 up with 2 to play goes long with his 2nd into  17, match all square, Chris Lander’s opponent drives into trees down 17 can he seize the initiative, a 3 putt follows game still all square.

Josh Mc Aspurn as steady as you like halves the last 2 holes and his game.


Graham McLean goes above the pin at 18, can he 2 putt; a 3 footer (similar to Broadley’s) needs to go in. Unerring, a finishing par game result 1 up. Match score 15 each.


Dan Hartley all square with 2 to play, super drive. His opponent goes well right. Dan wins the hole 1 up with one to go. Ben Crowther all square with 2 to go (he lost 14 to a birdie to go 2 down but won 15 and 16). A good drive and a solid par, halved hole.


Dan leaves his 3rd shot short of the ridge and has 2 putts to seal a 1 up victory; he knocks it 3 feet past and is made to putt. Don’t miss thinks Greaves in it goes. 1 up. Match score 17 – 15.


Chris Lander pars last and halves his game (this is intense). Match score 18 – 16. At the last Ben drives into trees, moves his second 30 yards, his third is on the apron 30 feet away. His opponent  unlucky to bound through the green at the last plays a fantastic shot that looked like it was stopping next to the pin; it didn’t down the slope 12 feet. Ben leaves his chip 6 feet short above the hole, his opponent doesn’t make par. Greaves is thinking “you can’t lose this to a 5.”

We hadn’t seen a putt stop before the hole from above or seen one holed, it’ll be a draw but wait it isn’t Ben holes his putt, numbness takes over. 19 – 17 to HHDUGC.

Ben Crowther has kept his ‘more wins than losses for the Union’, Graham McLean has 97 appearances.


It must be the new kit Greaves was wearing thanks to Glenbrae knitwear!


The Tom Wild sponsored order of merit was won by Matthew Colcombe (36 points), second was Josh Morton (35), third Tom Hunt (34).


HHDUGC finished 3rd in the league having won all their home matches and a halved match to Leeds.


It all starts again on Sunday 20th May 2018 against Sheffield.




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