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“This wasn’t in the script” commented Greaves as his team slipped to their heaviest defeat of the year after leading the foursomes 7 – 5.


I suppose it was coming “Teesside hadn’t lost a foursomes and hadn’t won a singles. They lost the foursomes...”


No squeaky bum time, no exciting finish but another great day of amateur sport.


After a lengthy drive to a course where HHDUGC had triumphed 2 years ago confidence and aspiration amongst the group were high after thrashing York 2 weeks previously.


Greaves called into action after the withdrawal of Match play Champion Chris Lander, set the foursomes and away we go.


Morton and Hunt as number 1 pairing (which they’ve made their own), met at the 11th by Greaves playing the 9th were 1 down. Following a request to dig in as it was needed duly obliged winning 3 and  1. Matthew Colcombe and Dan Hartley always behind and unable to find the consistency and the odd single putt lost 5 and 4.

Greaves and Tom Calvert plodded their way to 1up after 9 when unfortunately one of their opponents had to withdraw due to a strained abdomen and possibly cracked ribs, 2 points to the away team. Greaves now excused from the afternoon singles.

The 4th match Graham McLean and Josh McAspurn were in a good battle against Jack Trewitt and Thomas Harbord (both +1handicap). “The best we’ve played against” commented Macca. Losing the 16th after some scrappy play halved 17 and then a regulation par 4 at last winning the hole and halving their match. “The 16th was the only hole which we didn’t par or better” added McLean

The last pairing, Dewsbury members Ben Crowther and Fergus Barron, 1 up after 9, lost 16 to go all square and then a fanstastic chip shot at the short 17th by Ben from an unlikely spot ensured the game went up the last with the result in the balance. Some indifferent stuff leading to a lost hole and a lost game.


Away we go Morton, Colcombe, Hunt, Calvert, Hartley, McAspurn, Gaunt, McLean, Edwards, Barron, Crowther.


One of the things Greaves mentioned at lunchtime “was it’s a long way to come to be away from your families and not go back with something. Don’t lose twice in a day.”


Morton always in a tussle against Eaglescliffe green keeper Tom Smith and behind, 2 down after 9 , all square after 11, 1 down after 12, 2 down after 16 then birdied the 17th and parred the last to get a half. Matthew looking decidedly frustrated after 9 was joined by Greaves, won the 10th birdied the 11th to go 1 up. His opponent Cameron Wallace was unimpressed with some of his golf and let the golf course have some unexpected treatment!  Greaves commenting to Matthew, you’ve got him now and so it proved, Matthew winning 3 and 2.

Ten points to 6 and with the concession, 12 -6.


The scoring early on was against HHDUGC Greaves not as flustered as he was at Saddleworth earlier in the year wasn’t duly worried as it doesn’t normally get tense until the 12th or 13th.


However it wasn’t to be, early setbacks weren’t pulled round and one by one the lead was eroded. “From the golf seen this wasn’t poor golf on our part it was better golf from our opponents” commented Greaves. Chris Gaunt finishing with 3 pars and losing 2 of the holes. James Edwards 2 over par for his 10 holes hammered 9 and 8. Fergus scrambling well over the last three but not quite good enough. Tom Calvert first in with birdie at the par 5’s on the back nine and duly followed in. Tom Hunt not quite firing against the long hitting Sam Millington unable to claw back any of the lost holes. Graham McLean who is a good putter not as good as his opponent Andy Gray.


These stories the norm for the day, the loss did hurt as the lads didn’t want to ask Greaves the final score.


Big Ben Crowther heeded the request not to lose twice in the day and won 3 and 2 with some steady golf.


Sheffield on 3rd September at West End are HHDUGC’s next opponents. Sheffield, champions again after thrashing Harrogate 32 – 4 (played 6 won 6), with Leeds uncatchable in second. HHDUGC remained fourth after round 6 results and can finish 3rd if they do what no other team has done, beat Sheffield. Now there’s a challenge.


The Tom Wild Order of Merit is led by Matthew Colcombe with Josh Morton 1 point behind. With thanks to our sponsors Glenbrae knitwear and Stromberg Menswear.



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