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 I can’t remember that ever happening Graham McLean exclaimed as a 12 – 0 foursomes result was recorded in HHDUGC’s favour.

Greaves was stunned as well, a difficult one to win for the opposition a potential sacking for Greaves if HHDUGC lost!

A few congratulatory pats on the back before the afternoon singles and words of don’t let up.

Having played the course the day before, knowing where not to be on the greens and the windy and sometimes blustery conditions Greaves prepared his chaps. “Be on the right side of the flag and make your opponents win the hole.”

The team comfortably led by Josh Morton and Tom Hunt were 3 up through 5 and then halving their way round to the 16 apart from two holes (1 won, 1 lost) won 3 and 2, Matthew Colcombe and Steve Martin, just like normal embroiled in a struggle, toing and froing from 1 up to 1 down, getting ahead at the 16th and holding out with a birdie at the last, halving the hole but winning the game. Chris Lander and Jim Fairhurst were up against the huge hitting Damon Coulson and Rob Moore from Fulford, 2 down after 9 but with a fine stretch of holes helped by some erratic ball hitting by the opposition  got to 1 up, winning the last following another lost ball to win 2 up. Josh McAspurn and Graham McLean, 5 up through 8 after some steady golf, 1 up 12 after some not so steady golf eventually winning 3 and 2. Fergus Barron and Chris Gaunt (debut) always in control of their game winning 5 and 4. Lastly Adam Robinson and the other debutant James Edwards winning 4 and 2. The confidence of youth plain to see knocking in 4 foot putts with unerring accuracy and pace. And making a mockery of supposed difficult chips!

Order sorted, Josh Morton, Matthew Colcombe, Steve Martin and Tom Hunt the first four. The 12 year Josh Morton doing what he does best , straight and when it isn’t chips and putts, always ahead, opponent frustrated wins 4 and 3. Now then Matthew always like to make it harder than it should be 4 down after 4 (his opponent birdied the first 4), plenty of time. Through fine golf Matthew gets it back to 1 down with 2 to play. A birdie 2 at the 17th and a superb birdie at the last not matched by his opponent a fabulous victory 1 up, by this time Steve Martin has walked over the horizon at 18th (stating in the morning that he would get to the 18th twice) but he’d won at the 17th! Tom Hunt joined the group having dispatched his opponent 3 and 2. Some fabulous golf at the 12th and birdie at the difficult 13th ensuring it wouldn’t be long against the mild mannered Alistair Smith (20 – 0 at this point, yes 20 -0) Jim Fairhurst (1 handicap) had got his wish to play Damon Coulson (+3) in the singles, holding his own until the 14th which he lost to go all square. He then lost the 15th after another birdie and couldn’t retrieve the 1 hole deficit and lost 1 down. James Edwards 2 down after 8 holes got to all square on the 14th tee with some brilliant short game stuff at 12 and 13, losing 2 of the next three, won the 17th with a fantastic bunker shot to save par not matched by Will Adamson.  A closing birdie wasn’t good enough to sneak a hole win and a halved game.

Adam Robinson ably supported by caddy Richard Field won 3 and 1. By now Greaves was struggling to find a game to follow, with the mizzle coming in, Graham McLean and Chris Lander in the clubhouse having dispatched Will Pepper 5 and 4, and Thomas Pyman 6 and 5 respectively.

Josh McAspurn 2 down with 7 to go, struggling on the greens or so he said, dispatching his 1 iron 253 yards in the air, birdies the last to win his game 1 up. Who’s missing, Fergus! Found in the gloom as he plays a wild second to the 15th, hole halved in bogeys a shake of the hand, game lost.

By this time James Edwards disappointed with his result has been practicing for 30 minutes. Just the reaction you’d want thought Greaves.

Apart from the result the highlights of the day, the enjoyment the debutants got and wanting to have another go, the smile on Jim Fairhurst and Graham McLean’s delight when a medium shirt fitted!

The Tom Wild Order of Merit is jointly led by Fergus Barron and Matthew Colcombe with Josh Morton and Tom Hunt close behind

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